Tulamben / Padang Bai / Amet

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DETAILS TO Snorkeling?

Price already includes for :

  1. Equipment
  2. Lunch, drink, towel
  3. Guide
  4. Ticket entry and porter fee
  5. Transfer hotel area Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Nusa Dua

The Tulamben wreck is an unforgettable diving experience. Located about a 2 hour drive from Sanur, it’s one of Bali’s most popular dive site and home to an amazing amount of marine life. The chance to explore a World War 11 shipwreck makes it an unmissable part of your PBD vacation. However the wreck isn’t the only scuba diving site here.

Don’t miss the drop-off, and coral garden dive sites where you may come across a Black Tip sleeping. The Liberty shipwreck is a great dive site to explore the underwater world at night and if you stay overnight you can take a magical sunrise dive. This is a great location to complete your PADI Wreck, PADI Night, PADI Digital Imagery speciality courses.

Padang Bai is a small fishing village with a beautiful beach and an underwater wonderland. There are colorful reefs, rich sites for macro photographers, and a small shipwreck. You’ll find beautiful corals and be amazed at the variety of marine life you see. It’s a rich healthy site, vibrant and full of life. Keep an eye out for the buddha statues gazing serenely as you swim by. The most popular site here is Blue Lagoon and there are many others too (including Jepun, the Jetty, Tanjung Sari, the Temple, and the Ferry Channel). You’ll do two enchanting dives, have lunch on the beach and be back to your hotel before dinner. What a great way to spend your time in Bali.

Sanur Channel can be a good challenge at time with strong current flow, but you will still find healthy coral reef and lots of fish. You can almost always see the resident school of batfish and keep an eye out for the long trumpetfish with their faces that look like Grandad, Big round pufferfish and porcupinefish, and yellow polka-dot sweetlips, are common. Shoals of ocean dwelling silverfish often passed by and you might be lucky enough to see dancing shoals of catfish. The two divers’ favourites of lionfish and Nemo can almost always be seen. We often sea snakes and moray eels too, there is a good variety of hard and soft corals and some artifical growing stations have been established for the dive walkers.

Actually, come to think of it, there is quite a lot to see in Sanur after all.