Best Spot for Scuba Diving in Bali That You Must Visit

Best Spot for Scuba Diving in Bali That You Must Visit

You might want to do scuba diving in Bali as this island is one of the most popular destination for divers. Furthermore, there are plenty of places where you can dive all around the island. You would be able to find spots everywhere you go. In fact, you might need to stay longer if you want to go to all of these places.

Best Spot for Scuba Diving in Bali That You Must Visit

  • Amed

If you stay in east coast area then you should go to Amed. This area has fishing village where plenty of beautiful coral gardens located. Furthermore, not many tourist visit this village so it is a great location to visit if you want some peace while diving.

Furthermore, the area provides both shallow and deep diving area with varied depth which range from 5-30 meters deep. For more authentic feel, you can try to use jukung a traditional boat used by the local fishermen to reach one of the secret diving sites.

This is the spot for scuba diving in Bali that you need to visit if you want to see the USAT liberty that has drowned in Bali. This diving spot is suitable for every divers as it has varied depth which range from 5-30 meters deep.

This shipwreck has now become home for various sponges, invertebrates and colorful corals which makes the area appear stunning. You can also find some marine fauna such as sea turtles, parrotfish, bumphead, and giant trevalley that using the vessel as their shelter.

  • Nusa Penida

Another famous must visit diving spot if you go to the island is Nusa Penida. This spot is located on an island just a boat away from the southeastern coast of the main island.

The island has a lot of diving spots where you can find various coral gardens and other deep diving areas. This is why, you should try to go to this island even if you are just a beginner since there are a few spots that are beginners friendly.

Best Spot for Scuba Diving in Bali That You Must Visit
Best Spot for Scuba Diving in Bali That You Must Visit
  • Menjangan island

Another small scuba diving in Bali island that you should visit outside the main island. The turquoise water in this area makes the perfect spot for those who want to see breathtaking paradise like world.

The area is well preserved due to national park which build in this west area of the island. You can find various marine life that goes around on shallow coral reef which makes a must see sight for divers.

There are manta rays, turtles, dolphins even various reef fish that you can find in the area. If you are lucky, you might even find some hammerhead or whale sharks that visit the spot while you dive.

  • Shark Point

For those who dive specifically to find sharks then you need to visit the shark point. This spot is located in Padang Bai and has various shark species including whale shark which surely make you feel awed when seeing them.

Furthermore, the area has clear water with great depth and visibility which makes it a great area for underwater photographer to get their image. With varied depth that can go to 25m in depth you will be able to find various marine creatures around the coral garden.

  • Seraya Secret

For those that want to do muck diving and focus more on the ocean floor exploring then you need to visit Seraya secrets. This spot is favorite for muck diver as there are plenty of unique and unusual marine life that you can find in the area. Thus, a lot of marine photographers often visit this area to take pictures.

  • Jetty

Another diving spot that you can find in Padang Bai which offer areas suitable for reef or muck divers. So, everyone can enjoy diving in Jetty no matter their expertise level is. You can go around and explore as there are various secret diving spots around.

Furthermore, you can find a lot of coral garden around the area which makes it the best place for you to find marine life. You can even fin small rays and sharks since the area is very rich and filled with life.

As you can see there are many places that you can go if you want to do scuba diving in Bali. Some of the area even suitable for both expert and beginners this means everyone can visit it without worry.

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